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 Thermal insulation of facades and walls

Temp-Coat - Тепловая изоляция фасадов и стен

In modern conditions the thermal insulation of buildings both industrial and civil construction is an important task. Proper maintenance of insulation helps to save on air-conditioning and heating systems, as well as reduce costs for reconstruction and repair of buildings. Some buildings built in the last century, did not correspond to the real needs, and therefore need to be addressed insulating problems.

Using ultrathin insulation

One of the most effective and economical way to solve the problem of thermal insulation - the use of ultrathin insulation. This is especially true for the buildings, which were built between 1960 and the 2000s. This option not only helps to increase the level of thermal insulation, but also to preserve the facades of historic buildings without changes, moreover, without weighting the structure itself. With the construction of new buildings and buildings of such an option would also justify the investment.

High-tech coating TEMP‐COAT®

One of the main advantages of high-tech coatings TEMP-COAT® - long service life (about 20 years). Furthermore, the subsequent update coating presents no difficulty. The coating has many advantages (besides durability), namely, it is waterproof, meets all environmental standards and safe for humans.

TEMP-COAT® coating can prevent the appearance of mold and mildew on the walls of the premises, it neutralizes all dissemination of malicious controversy.

Features of thermal insulation coating TEMP‐COAT®

In some cases, the insulation is only possible using liquid coating, and then TEMP-COAT® be an ideal solution to this problem. If necessary, can be made insulating pipe work, mini-boiler in the basements and attics, which, in turn, on the order reduce the cost of monitoring, maintenance and repair of equipment.

Advantages of thermal insulation TEMP-COAT®

- TEMP-COAT® protect your building from destruction;
- TEMP-COAT® does not increase the load on the design;
- Do not violate the integrity of the surface by coating, as is the case when installing other insulation materials;
- Over coating TEMP-COAT® possible (if necessary) the application of paint;
- TEMP-COAT® can be used as additional insulation.






 ТЭО по жилому фонду (Сравнительный анализ тепловой изоляции реконструируемого дома)-2014

TEMP-COAT® в России и СНГ

Полный перечнь продукции TEMP-COAT® на русском языке представлен на официальном сайте TEMP-COAT® в России и странах СНГ.

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